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ProCom Technologies was started in 1990 by L. W. Crabb after leaving Meier & Frank, a division of May Department Stores.  His position there was Telecommunications Manager.  He supervised the installation  and management of the second largest T-1 network in Oregon at that time, surpassed only by the State of Oregon.  He started reselling excess T-1 capacity to an Oregon Long Distance Company.  He designed and implemented the first computerized order entry system for Meier & Frank.  

ProCom Technologies was started to be a service company, installing voice and data cabling, phone systems and voice mail systems.  It grew to include voice mail services, a paging company and other related services.

Shawn Giles is now Manager and Mike Crabb is Operations, our staff are all Licensed in Low Voltage

ProCom is certified Panasonic CSD Dealer, providing Panasonic Digital System installations, Panasonic DVR Systems and Cameras, VistaPlex DVR Systems, Plantronic Headsets. 

ProCom is a dba of ProCom Technologies, LLC.

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